World’s Largest NFT Metaverse: New York City Are You Ready?

DAOs and new NFT functionality are on display at Alien Worlds at NFT. NFT, coined by Coinbase as “the Superbowl of NFTs,” will occur in America next week in New York City, 20-23 June.

Alien Worlds Missions, Mining, and Planetary DAO have created an NFT metaverse with almost eleven million game pieces. As a result, our participation in the largest NFT metaverse event in the world is only natural.

Attendees may expect over 1500 speakers from 42 nations, 300 sponsors, and 15,000 people filling venues in Times Square. “Diversity of NFTs” is the focus of the conference this year.

World’s Largest NFT Metaverse

Saro McKenna, together with Sebastien Borget, Amy Wu, Jung Woong Park, CryptoStache, and Cagyjan, will explore how gaming may successfully include NFTs on a panel on Day 1 at Radio City Music Hall, organized by Coinbase.

Even while NFTs are the focus of the event, it is guaranteed to spark conversations about how NFTs integrate into more enormous ecosystems.

According to McKenna, a “balanced and rich metaverse” must be included in fungible tokens, NFTs, and DAO tokens.

The Alien Worlds metaverse includes fungible tokens and millions of NFTs with useful in-game features and functionality.

A total of over $40 million in NFT sales have taken place since the start of the Mining game. This includes over 5.5 million NFTs transacted between more than 589 thousand customers.

More than $4 million in sales have been made by Alien Worlds NFTs since 2022. Suppose we take an average daily sale of roughly $15,000. This makes it one of the world’s most popular NFT use cases.

What Alien Worlds Thoughts About NFTs?

When it comes time to show off their love for NFTs, there’s no better place to do so than at the world’s largest NFT event at Times Square. In a recent Benzinga story, Co-founder and CEO Jodee Rich said the following about the event:

“No need to relocate from our current location to the Boston Convention Center, the Austin Convention Center, or the Las Vegas Convention Center. We intend to remain in New York. In this magnificent city, we want to host an event that is both a festival and a conference”.

Next week, Alien Worlds’ social media platforms will be buzzing with news of the world’s most spectacular NFT event, which will take place in New York City. NFT has a limited supply of last-minute regular and VIP tickets. Alien Worlds also accept Ethereum and bitcoin as payment.

Alien Worlds Offers the Social Metaverse to Play, Create, Share and Thrive!

According to DappRadar’s daily ranking tables, Alien Worlds has more than 7.6 million players and an average of about 900,000 play sessions every day.

In the Social Metaverse, Alien Worlds has inspired a generation of innovators to create, share, and prosper. The Federation wishes to express its gratitude to each and every one of the Explorers who helped make this event a reality.

About the Alien Worlds Social Metaverse

What would you do if you were given the power to create anything? Use the Trilium (TLM) game token to participate in Alien Worlds’ simulation of Earth’s economy.

In the Trilium and NFT social metaverse, seek your wealth and prosper. Join Alien Worlds by entering the wormhole at and beginning your mining career at

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