X Metaverse Pro intends to break the monopoly of site traffic and bring back features of autonomy and sharing. X Metaverse Pro is a decentralized, video-centric, user-led platform in Web3. With a significant focus on innovation and creativity, we can’t wait to find out more about this platform. So, let’s start. 

What is X Metaverse Pro? 

X Metaverse Pro is a decentralized video platform based on the blockchain. The platform has several key features that make it unique. This includes the aspect of autonomy and sharing. X Metaverse Pro aims to allow anyone to upload videos how they like and will enable the owner of these videos to be open and transparent.

X Metaverse Pro users can control their data and have the right to use it and monetize it. When using the platform, users can also gain XMETA Token rewards. So, these rewards are available in line with the number of views and likes they get on videos and their quality. 

X Metaverse Pro is governed by DAO and initiated by a group of like-minded partners and funders. These people come from around the world with a strong passion for Web3 and X Metaverse Pro. Among these individuals, the engineers comprise a large percentage of the team.

In this way, the team ensures high-quality projects and updates through developer events with a technical focus and code development background. 

X Metaverse Pro takes full advantage of the blockchain and its positive features. These desirable features include anonymity, traceability, security, and immutability. The platform aims to form a new business model in Web3. X Metaverse Pro is on a blockchain, meaning it is completely decentralized.

The decentralization of this blockchain means that everything is traceable, anonymous, and completely secure. It protects the system’s operational security and allows the users to partake in the benefits of this model. 

X METAVERSE PRO, video-centric, user-led, decentralized Web3
X Metaverse is a fully decentralized platform with extra security and privacy. Source: Martech 360

How Does X Metaverse Pro Work? 

X Metaverse Pro is based on the blockchain network, using Web3 technology. The project combines DeFi, NFTs, and GameFi into Web3. Further, interactive technology helps to create a new generation of internet of value, continuously empowering creators to make profits from their content without taking a share of the platform.

The platform works by opening the video upload function. This function allows the addition of various categories, including music, dance, technology, cartoons, food, and finance. These categories are important and relevant, with the possibility of a large audience.

When creators use these categories, there will be the opportunity to sell their content as NFTs, tokenizing their channels. X Metaverse Pro allows anyone to invest in creators and earn a share of their income. This means that creators will maintain a stable income from their content and investors, and investors will profit from the creators. 

X Metaverse Pro features an array of editing tools that allow you to control your content. Source: Crypto News

In addition, X Metaverse Pro has launched editing functions. These editing functions include 3D, VR, and modeling elements.

Other visual app technologies may be included to allow the users to edit independently and fully control their content. Users can generate interfaces for text, videos, external links, and music through configuration, making any type of video interactive and exciting. 

X Metaverse Pro is also providing the opportunity for creators to build video applications and develop autonomous platforms. These opportunities allow creators to publish, build, and auction video NFTs that can be shared and crowdfunded in the community. This is a game changer, making it a super powerful tool for creators to realize the potential of this platform. 

X-metaverse allows users to create, edit and sell video NFTs. Source: Zy Crypto

What is the X Metaverse Pro Token? 

The platform token, XMETA, is the platform’s governance token. The primary use for this function is staking payment and governance. As a native asset on the platform’s chain, it participates in user rewards.

X Metaverse Pro members receive winning tokens as rewards for being founding members. Additionally, you can also get XMETA from registering yourself on the platform, as well as posting and watching videos. 

What is Web3? 

Web3 is the future of the internet. Previous to Web3, we were using Web2. Web3 incorporates the ease of use of the regular web but with elements of decentralization and autonomy. The idea of Web3 was coined by the founder of blockchain Ethereum.

Additionally, the platform is permissionless, meaning everyone using it has equal access. Web3 uses cryptocurrency for spending and sending money, as well as trading NFTs and tokenized assets. This is much easier than relying on banks’ slow infrastructure and exchange rates. 

Final Words

X Metaverse Pro provides users with decentralized video services, allowing developers and entrepreneurs to create a revolutionary platform. This platform encourages users to monetize their assets and creative talents.

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