The Zoro token team recently released their first successful product called the Zoro bike which aims to create a healthy strong community and charity.

According to the team, the Zoro bike beta mode will be made available in the next 14 days.

The Zoro team from the beginning saw $Zoro as a large ecosystem which is why they want Zoro Inu to be much more than just a meme coin and also why they released the Zoro bike (something very unique that no other project did before.)

In addition to this release, the team is also working on integrating a training to earn (T2E) system for the ecosystem and the first will be moving to earn with the same purpose of healthy, strong community and charity in mind.

Zoro Inu: An Overview

Zoro Bike

Zoro Inu is a community-controlled deflationary token whose purpose is to develop solutions that will make the cryptocurrency space safer and easier to understand for everyone.

The name Zoro stems from a character from ‘One Piece’, a popular anime-based cartoon. Luffy is the name of the main character and Zoro is the one he desires. This is why the Zoro slogan is ‘Hotter than Luffy’.

The token is focusing on Saitama holders as their major target audience and with over 200,000 of them, Zoro is promising that they have amazing chances to offer.

The deflationary mechanism of the Zoro Inu token includes a redistribution system. 5% of each transaction is distributed as a reward to holders.

On top of this, 50% of the total $ZORO supply will be burned, liquidity will be locked as Zoro will employ the use of Anti-whale Encrypted Contracts.

Additionally, the Zoro team does not tolerate FUD in the chats as all FUD will be banned to protect the community and the growth of Zoro.

They are also looking to bring about the Zoro finance which according to them is easy to use, fast loading, iOs/Android compatible, and with it, people can swap Zoro for cash.

The Zoro token

Zoro Inu token holders will automatically receive a 5% fee from every on-chain transaction that takes place in the Zoro ecosystem.

This system is designed to reward the $ZORO community for every trade that takes place.

A 5% fee is applied for every $ZORO transaction, this fee will go towards charities that support people in countries at war and to help with the future growth of $ZORO.

The remaining 2% will be burned by sending it to a dead wallet that can’t be accessed by anyone, this feature will ensure that $ZORO remains deflationary and becomes more scarce over time.

The liquidity will be locked, the development team will renounce the $ZORO contract ownership and the team will not have any tokens as this is a community-owned token.

$ZORO supply starts at 500,000B tokens and will decrease with their built-in burn function on $ZORO transactions.

How to buy Zoro tokens

If you are looking to buy the Zoro tokens, all you need to do is simply follow the steps below:

  • Download the MetaMask extension and create a wallet. Then proceed to fund your wallet with BNB. Make sure you have enough gas fees.
  • Visit Pancake Swap and connect your wallet to the dApp. Make sure you are connecting to the correct URL as
  • To swap Zoro you will need to add the contract to your wallet, simply click ‘add token’ to your wallet and copy and paste the Zoro contract, then press ‘import’.
  • After you have imported, simply press ‘select token’, select Zoro and then enter the amount of BNB you would like to swap for.

Zoro Road Map

Presently, Zoro has four stages in its road map and it has achieved all the goals it set out to achieve in the first two stages.

For the third stage, however, Zoro is looking to attract 40,000 Zoro token holders, list Zoro tokens on small and medium exchanges, establish new partnerships, and prepare to be listed on major exchanges.

In the fourth stage, Zoro is looking to have an interview on tv and radio, create NFT, and create an Android/iOs wallet with a built-on marketplace.

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